Making History

Classic Alternate History Stories

Rick Wilber, ed.

A dazzling display of history as it might have been, this impressive array of award-winning writers explore the histories that never were, from Ancient Rome to Imperial China and much, much more. The book features classic alternate-history stories by Karen Joy Fowler, Kathleen Goonan, Gregory Benford, Nisi Shawl, Harry Turtledove, Michael Bishop, Lisa Goldstein, Alan Smale, Louise Marley, Maureen McHugh, Michaela Roessner, Rich Larson, Sheila Finch, Ben Loory, Walter Jon Williams, Nicholas DiChario, Michael Swanwick and Eileen Gunn, and editor Rick Wilber.

  1. Rick Wilber, Introduction
  2. Karen Joy Fowler, “Game Night at the Fox and Goose”
  3. Maureen McHugh, “The Lincoln Train”
  4. Michael Swanwick and Eileen Gunn, “Zeppelin City”
  5. Gregory Benford, “Manassas, Again”
  6. Kathleen Goonan, “Kamehameha’s Bones”
  7. Louise Marley, “P Dolce”
  8. Alan Smale, “ A Clash of Eagles”
  9. Harry Turtledove, “The House That George Built”
  10. Rick Wilber, “Something Real”
  11. Nisi Shawl, “Vulcanization”
  12. Ben Loory, “James K. Polk”
  13. Walter Jon Williams, “Foreign Devils”
  14. Rich Larson, “Every So Often”
  15. Michaela Roessner, “It’s a Wonderful Life”
  16. Nicholas DiChario, “The Winterberry”
  17. Michael Bishop, “Miriam”
  18. Sheila Finch, “If There be Cause”
  19. Lisa Goldstein, “Paradise is a Walled Garden”